The present Terms of Service (ToS hereafter) have the purpose of defining the conditions under which the society KARINE CHEDID JOAILLERIE makes its website available to web users at the following URL: https://www.karineched.paris/ (“the website” hereafter). The website namely provides information about the activity of the company to the user.

Article 1 – Definitions 

The parties agree and accept that the following terms, whether they begin with a capital letter, are singular and/or plural, have, under the present ToS, the following meaning:

ToS: designates the present Terms of Service

Parties: designate collectively the web user and the society

Website: designates the Internet website accessible at the following URL: https://www.karineched.paris/ and edited by the society

User: designates the natural person or the legal entity, in a position to enter contracts, who browses on the website

Article 2 – Purpose and acceptance of the ToS

The present Terms of Service (ToS hereafter) have the purpose of defining the terms of use of the website by the user. The present ToS represent the agreement between the parties in full and replace any previous, oral or verbal, agreement or arrangement referring to it. The society reserves the right to modify the present ToS at any time. Every modification will immediately take effect from the placing of the new version of the ToS online. The user therefore commits to regularly refer to the ToS of the website to take note of potential modifications. Applicable ToS are those enforced on the site on the last visit of the website by the user.

Article 3 – Responsibility of the society

The society guarantees that the website strictly complies with the standards of behavior and public order, the rights of third parties and is in accordance with the law. The society uses its best efforts to ensure the access and the proper functioning of the website. Nevertheless, in view of the limitations of the Internet, the society cannot rule out that the access and the functioning of the website are interrupted, namely in case of force majeure, of malfunctioning of the user’s computer equipment, of the user’s network failure, of maintenance operation to update the website. Consequently, the society cannot be accountable for any website disruption, whether voluntary or not, it being specified that it commits to use its best efforts to limit them.

The society reserves the right, without notice or compensation, to temporarily or definitely close access to the website to carry out (but not limited to) an update, modification or a change on operations, servers and access hours. The society reserves the right to make as many changes and improvements to the website as necessary for its proper functioning. The society cannot be accountable by the way its website is used and the way information are collected on it.

The society dismisses any responsibility of:

Prejudices which are not caused by a breach of the present ToS by the society

Prejudices which are not caused by corporate actions, characterized as fraud or wilful misconduct

Prejudices that parties cannot rationally forecast just as the present ToS have been completed

Any offending, inappropriate, obscene, illegal or otherwise objectionable content posted by users or third parties

Any other event that may not be reasonably considered to be under the society’s control

Article 4 – Responsibility of the user

The user commits to use the website in accordance with the provisions of the present ToS. He is solely responsible for the way he uses it, and for the information given by forms on the website. The user commits to use the website and its information wisely, in accordance with French legislation. As part of the use of the website, the user namely commits to:

Guarantee the accuracy, the completeness and the legality of information

Guarantee the proper usage of the website

Refrain from entering malicious, derogatory, obscene, defamatory, willfully misleading, illicit, and/or contrary to morals information

Respect the rights of third parties, namely their intellectual property rights

Not usurping the identity of other users or third parties on the website

Not altering or disrupt the integrity or the execution of the website or of its data

Not attempting to get unauthorized access to the website, or to associated systems or networks, or to intercept data

Use the website in accordance with national and international appliable legislations and rules

Consequently, the society cannot be accountable for the illegality, the inaccuracy or the mismatch of information provided by the user through the website.

Article 5 – Hypertext links

The website may contain hypertext links to other websites on the Internet. The society does not endorse contents and shall not be associated to any of those websites. Therefore, hypertext links redirecting to other websites will not engage the liability of the society. The user must not create a direct link to the presentation web page of a third party without any express authorization of the society. The society reserves the right to request the deletion of any link which would not comply to the purpose of the website.

Article 6 – Intellectual property

The society owns the website, and its technical, graphical, textual, and other components. In particular, the website is accessible through software and databases of its property, or on which the society has intellectual property rights. The present ToS do not impart any right, of any kind, of intellectual property, to the user on the website, on its components or on the brand. The user commits to compensate the society for any prejudice resulting from the violation of its intellectual property rights (namely resulting from the non-compliance of the present ToS).

Please refer to the French version, which will be applied in the event of a dispute.